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On Wednesday 4 May the St Peter’s College Junior School Library welcomed a crowd of Years 3 to 6 students for the the annual Star Wars Day event.

It was wonderful to host an excited crowd in the space during lunchtime for a loud and enthusiastic celebration of multiple aspects of the Star Wars universe.

We opened with musical performances of the Star Wars main title theme, on both violin and guitar, before giving a popular vote to an array of costumed, masked and specially t-shirted fans. In the end, it was a student masked as Chewbacca who proved to be the hit of the day in the costume department. Clearly, Wookiees from the planet Kashyyyk have a celebrity status reach that touches just about every corner of the known galaxy.

For many, however, the highlight was a chance to pit their Star Wars knowledge against classmates in the form of a suitably themed Kahoot quiz. Students also had the opportunity to hunt for some Star Wars character bookmarks. Our top three quizzers were Nathaniel (Year 4), Austen and Callum (both Year 6).

The Junior School Library team thank everyone who came along to support the event. We hope we can replicate that level of buzz again into the future.

Ben Carter
Junior School Librarian