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On Monday 12 November, 26 English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) students and two teachers took part in the annual Year 7 – 10 EALD excursion. This year the boys took part in team building exercises at Mega Adventure Australia, West Beach. For many of the students this was a completely new and different experience. Most had never undertaken these types of climbing and jumping activities. Some of the boys really took to the climbing challenge like a duck to water. Some began the day with some trepidation, but with encouragement from their fellow class mates managed to finish the day having climbed to the highest reaches of the structure. Every one of the boys accepted the challenge to jump from the top, and even Mrs Monica McCauley was brave enough to do so.

After a busy morning climbing and jumping, everyone took a stroll along the beach (it was a pity that the wind was blowing, and many left the track with a face full of sand) to the West Beach Surf Life Saving Club for lunch. The boys all tucked in to a traditional Aussie pub meal. Main meals consisted of the humble schnitzel, fish and chips or salt and pepper squid.

These types of experiences help our EALD students to understand what Aussie life is like and get a better understanding of Australian leisure. Each boy returned to school that day tired, but with interesting stories about bravery and the activities of the day. No doubt stories about the day will be shared with their parents and friends overseas.

Sally Ziniak
Coordinator of English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)