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The Meningococcal B Vaccine Herd Immunity Study will continue in 2018 with free vaccinations provided by the Eastern Health Authority in conjunction with the University of Adelaide and SA Health.

Visit 1: Wednesday 13 June for Year 12 students

Visit 2: Friday 15 June for Year 11 students

Visit 3: Friday 17 August for Years 11 and 12 students

Please note: students who participated in this study in 2017 (Year 10s and 11s) can continue to participate in this study this year (current Year 11 and 12 students).

Please contact the Eastern Health Authority on 8132 3600 if there have been any changes to the details provided on the consent form last year or if your child has received the vaccine elsewhere.

Ms Cate Behenna
School Health Officer/Registered Nurse