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At St Peter’s College, we believe that boys’ learning should be driven, where possible and appropriate, by their passions and their intellectual readiness. Considerations like a student’s age and the curriculum are just single parts of a much bigger process.

Mandatory curriculum systems, like the National Curriculum, the SACE and the IB Diploma, are rich and rigorous but they’re only parts of a bigger learning picture that extend far beyond Year 12 and a student’s time at Saints.

We see these principles played out every day on campus. Our Years 9 and 10 elective programs allow boys to choose from over 60 new electives written specifically for them that aren’t taught anywhere else, and our stage-not-age program sees more than 100 of our senior learners currently engaged in courses beyond their Year level.

We also have another layer in our approach to flexible learning: micro credentials.

Micro credentials are bite-sized, industry-recognised, online courses that upskill learners – usually adults – in relevant tertiary or workplace capabilities. Successful learners earn digital badges or credentials they can place on a CV or an academic transcript. Some of these micro credentials even earn students mini-qualifications from Ivy League universities: Harvard University runs a popular introduction to moral and political philosophy and Brown University offers an engineering and design primer.

This approach isn’t for everyone, of course, but if you suspect your son may be interested in taking the next step as an independent learner and pushing beyond his core curriculum, then please read the list of micro credentials and get in contact with me at

The courses on this document represent a selection of vetted and recommended suggestions from the School. Most of them incur a cost, but, if it’s the right fit, Saints is prepared to support and help resource appropriate learners in this space.

Thank you for your continued support and interest, and I look forward to speaking soon.

Nicholas Carter
Academic Deputy