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Over the past few weeks I have been privileged to attend a number of significant events involving a range of our students. The annual combined Saints and Walford concert is a highlight of the year and it was delightful to attend this wonderful performance a fortnight ago. The concert reflected the outstanding preparation of all involved, and I congratulate Mr Philip Walsh, Mr Sam Howes and their team of staff from both Saints and Walford for facilitating such a great evening. I was particularly proud of the significant contribution of the Middle Years students to this event. It was fantastic to see so many of our younger boys performing alongside senior students, working in partnership to produce such beautiful music. Further to this, Jazz at the Gov, proved a fabulous occasion on Wednesday this week. Again, it was great to see the Middle Years students being showcased at such a significant musical event for the Senior School. Congratulations and well done to all involved!

On Wednesday of last week we took a group of Years 6-10 students to Walford for the Anglican Schools Student Leadership Workshop. The theme for the day was ‘student voice’ and the students in attendance were fortunate to hear from Izzy and Eloise, two teenage Walford old scholars and the founders of Taboo, a social enterprise that aspires to provide female sanitary items to girls and women in underdeveloped and disadvantaged countries. Their story of service for others clearly demonstrates the capacity of us all to make a difference, regardless of age. Our students partook in planning activities with a range of students from other schools, identifying groups of students who are potentially marginalised and developing plans to include and integrate them. It was an excellent opportunity for the boys to reflect on this important element of leadership, and to formulate a plan to promote inclusive leadership practices within our School context. We look forward to sharing our learning and ideas with the community in coming months.

Next week we conclude the winter sports season with Intercol matches against PAC. Senior teams will be showcased after school each day, and Middle Years students are encouraged to attend in support if possible. Students are asked to wear full blazer uniform if attending these matches.

Matches against PAC will also take place next week for most of our Year 7 and 8 students. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to play against PAC in one of the longest-running and most fiercely contested interschool rivalries in our country. And whilst victory against the Reds is always the aim, it is the way in which we approach the contest that matters most. A code of conduct has been developed collaboratively by both schools highlighting the imperative of playing fairly, respecting the opposition, supporting and cheering in a positive manner, and ensuring that dignity, grace and humility characterise our behaviour whether we win, lose or draw. I wish all of the students and coaches competing over the next week all the very best of luck for a highly competitive and enjoyable series of matches.

Mr James Tamblyn
Head of Middle Years

Students attending the Anglican Schools Student Leadership Workshop at Walford