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Australia is a diverse and culturally rich nation. As a result of migration, many significant community members have come to Australia and made valued contributions. Our School and class communities mirror this diversity. This term Year 6 students are focusing on the causes of migration, the challenges faced throughout the migration process and the personal changes that result from this transition. To help build student’s understanding of these concepts we were fortunate to hear migration stories from several significant people in our community including:

  • Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor
  • Bruce Djite
  • Shikofa Anguri and Ackim Mulumba from the Australian Migrant Resource Centre
  • Manal Younus
  • Dr Sam Shahin

Through the generosity of our guests sharing their personal stories, students have been able to make connections to personal migration stories and build new understandings.

Students also heard from Uncle John Lochowiak, who shared his family’s migration story, and built an understanding of how migration has played a key role in Indigenous Australian culture.

The aim at the end of this unit is for students to understand that migration can be caused by different factors and creates change. Our learning is incorporating multiple learning areas, including Mathematics, English, HASS, Science and Technologies.

Chistopher Sanders
Year 6 Coordinator