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I am honored to share our experience of our recent visit to the Migration Museum in Adelaide on behalf of the Year 10 EAL (English as an Additional Language) class. Accompanied by our teachers, Ms Harvey, and Mrs Spiby, we had a fascinating journey through the various migration stories that had a huge impact on South Australia.

The visit to the Migration Museum gave us a deep appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage present in our local community. There are plenty of interactive displays which allow us to explore the captivating stories of people and families who moved to South Australia during the past century.

During the visit, we also discovered special and compulsive aspects of local cultural heritage. One of the inspirations that really stood out was the migration of comedy from Italy. Italian migrants brought with them a wonderful tradition of comedic performances called “Commedia dell’arte.” This amazing form of theatre, featuring masked characters, physical humor, and clever dialogue, has had a lasting influence on the entertainment scene in South Australia. We were delighted to discover the influence of Italian comedy on the vibrant Central Market and cultural festivals. We learned how Italian humor and storytelling have shaped the artistic fabric of South Australia, bringing joy and laughter to the people.

As we bid farewell to the Migration Museum, we realised that what a precious time the tour has brought to us. It not only widened and deepened our understanding of migration and cultural heritage, but it also reinforced the importance of celebrating and embracing diversity, which led to the establishment of an inclusive society that values the contributions of all its members. We believe, the memory will remind us of the power of community.

William Wang
(Year 10 EAL)