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Term 2 in the Miller Library is all about working out our brains!

Each week a new challenge awaits! We have some good challenges lined up, from custom Wordles to a challenging I Spy, to a number guessing game that’ll prove to be quite tricky… it should be fun! 8 weeks, 8 challenges, 8 chances to win. Good luck!

The SPSC Reading Challenge is ongoing with Farr House in the lead with 13,033 pages read, snatching first place from Short House who have read 11,333 pages.

There is still time for other Houses to get ahead before the Challenge concludes in Week 8 of this term.

The three leading Houses are:

  • Farr House on 13,033 pages
  • Short House on 11,333 pages
  • Young House on 8,529 pages

In total over 53,000 pages have been read as part of the Challenge. We encourage students to visit the library for reading suggestions or help accessing eBooks and don’t forget to check the  SPSC Reading Challenge Rules to make sure your pages count!

Happy Reading!

Miller Library Team