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Term 3 has been an exciting time for Miller Library. From our ever-changing collection of new and popular fiction and nonfiction titles to an exceptionally noteworthy Book Week event, it has been wonderful seeing an increased number of students utilising and engaging with the library space. Having acquired upwards of 100 new books these last 10 weeks alone, it is encouraging to see so many boys dedicating their lunchtimes to browsing the shelves and engrossing themselves in a good book. Furthermore, lunchtimes in Miller Library have become synonymous with chess. Our 13 sets are constantly in use and this, coupled with the various other board and card games, has helped to transform the library from a mere quiet area to a communitive sphere.

The Book Week theme of ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’ was realised through a 50-word writing competition as well as a hands-on week of LEGO building. Writing a story in 50 words is harder than one thinks, but staff and students eagerly accepted the challenge, with Year 7 Devansh Singhal submitting the winning entry out of 54 total responses. The LEGO aspect was equally as exciting – the sheer number of creative and amusing structures the boys built to align with the Book Week theme was impressive.

In Term 4, we will be celebrating International Games Week. From giant floor games to retro video games, there will certainly be something for everyone. It will be a great event and we look forward to seeing the students there.

Ms Katherine Hicks
Head of Library Services