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Last week, 24 boys from Years 7 to 10 went to Mindshift Escape Rooms for their Curriculum Support excursion. Mindshift Escape rooms are immersive adventurer games of all ages. These games are an exciting real-life adventure where our students were the stars of the show. An interactive experience, they carefully explored a room to find hidden clues and solve a mystery, so they could escape.

Four teams entered the Bermuda rooms and had 30 minutes to escape. The rooms were filled with hidden objects, surprises, puzzles and clues that lead to their escape. In order to identify the objects and solve the puzzles, boys were required to think creatively and use critical problem-solving skills.

Through this unique adventure-based learning experience, boys improved their team spirit, trust and level of self-confidence, as well as learnt to work as a team, plan, communicate, focus, problem solve and participate in group discussions. It was the perfect environment for learning in a fun way.

A special thanks to our Diverse Learning Needs Team for their ongoing support of our boys and making excursions like this possible.

Carmen Bester
Coordinator of Students with Diverse Learning Needs