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The Moon Festival, also is known as Zhongqiu Jie or Mid-Autumn Festival, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals that Chinese people celebrate around the world. This year, the Moon Festival was on Friday 13 September at Seymour College. After the success of the recent Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese Society joined with Seymour College to celebrate the Moon Festival and to continue to build strong ties of friendship.

The celebration with Seymour College has become a popular event with the Chinese international students, with 28 Saints students and 41 Seymour students. The night started with Kahoot quizzes that helped participants explore the cultural background of the Moon Festival, as well as new learnings about traditional Chinese culture. The night progressed to a series of wonderful performances including singing and dances. It was a night full of fun, along with delicious food, including fruit platters, dumplings, chocolates and ice-creams catered by Seymour College, as well as chicken wings and signature traditional food-mooncakes provided by St Peter’s College.

Students from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the night. Thank you to the Saints working committee members: Dihan Tang (Year 12), Wenbo Wu (Year 12), Ryan Dai (Year 11), Kevin Xin (Year 11), Joshua Chu (Year 11) and Will Fitzgerald (Year 9). We also acknowledge the support from the teachers and the maintenance team from Seymour College who worked very hard to present such a wonderful night. And thank you to Ms Fangfang Qiu for preparing all the mooncakes and to Ms Sally Ziniak who accompanied us on the day.

Wenbo Wu (Year 12)
Co-Captain of Chinese Society