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On Thursday 26 August, St Peters College’s Chinese Society hosted an early Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Seymour College. 70 students and 11 teachers from both schools attended. It was a culturally rich, relaxing and wonderful night for both students and teachers, which also gave students from both schools an opportunity to form friendships and enjoy each other’s company.

The night started with a Chinese poem matching activity for boys to meet girls. The first game was a Draw and Guess game. Students on each table needed to use their creativity and arts skills to guess what the question was given. The Jeopardy Game covered the topics of Chinese poetry, Chinese geography, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese food. Students worked collaboratively to solve the answers within a short time limit. Students enjoyed the delicious dinner that was provided by Plus 82 Pocha and also the mocha flavoured mooncake, which is a must for the Moon Festival.

The atmosphere on the night was bubbly and full of joy. Congratulations to Xian Huang and Ryan Mah, the Co-Captains of the Chinese Society, for leading the committee members, including Peter Zhang, Kevin Dinh, Eric Tang and Lachy Gallagher, to host such a successful event, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendants. Special thanks to Mr Browning, Mr Hadfield, Mrs Spiby, Ms Wang, Ms Xu, Mr Kinsella, Ms Li from St Peter’s College, and Ms Wei, Ms You, Ms Gao and Ms Li from Seymour College for supporting the event. A big thank-you also goes to Mr Hall for setting up the venue and the sound system.

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