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Local travel has been on the rise as a result of the global pandemic with many South Australian’s now exploring what’s on offer in their own backyard. The Year 8s were no exception travelling a mere 45 minutes from School to the beautiful surrounds of Mt Crawford. In a week-long adventure, boys completed a circuit which involved kayaking across the newly opened Warren Reservoir, hiking up to the summit, mountain biking, orienteering through a pine forest and camping in picturesque natural locations whilst toasting marshmallows around a campfire and stargazing using telescopes. The camp allowed the boys to develop their resilience, camaraderie, and an appreciation of the great outdoors. The Year 8s have been chaperoned by the Outdoor Education staff as well as their Mentors who completed every step, stroke and pedal of the trip by their side to offer pastoral support.

Mark Coventry
Head of Middle Years