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For 2024, Athletics SA hosted the Athletics Australia National Track and Field Championships at the Mile End Stadium.

Over eight consecutive days of competition, 367 events were completed and over 3600 athletes competed. 2024 being the year of both the Paris Olympics and Lima, Peru World Under 20 Athletics Championships, the best Track and Field athletes Australia has to offer were in attendance.

The St Peter’s College athletes represented in the table below, had to qualify for the Championships before deciding to nominate. Congratulations to all athletes with special mention to Andrei Chemutov (Year 7) on winning a National Championship silver medal with his 2nd placing in the 400m final.

Athlete NameEvent/sAge GroupNationals AchievementPlacingYour Personal Best in this Event
Lawson JonesPole VaultUnder 184.05m4th4.10m
Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd3000m FinalUnder 188min:36s7thNew Personal Best
Ewan Woodall100m HeatUnder 1512.81s18th12.75s
200m HeatUnder 1526.1s19th25.5s
Gman Paye200m HeatUnder 2022.48s4th21.82s
200m Final22.34s9th21.82s
400m HeatUnder 2049.36s6th48.30s
Sandro PuruggananLong JumpUnder 206.68m15th6.88m
Long JumpUnder 186.63m7th6.88m
Triple JumpUnder 1813.50m6th14.12m
Harry ClarkTriple JumpUnder 1712.98m7th13.40m
High JumpUnder 171.80m11th1.94m
Oscar KleinigJavelinUnder 1635.84m16th37.96m
Leo Iannella110m Hurdles HeatUnder 1720.858th16.69s
*Andrei Chemutov200m HeatUnder 1426:18sec6thNew Personal Best
800m HeatUnder 142min:12.8s3rdNew Personal Best
800m Final2min:13.8s6thNational Heat Time
400m HeatUnder 1456.78s1stNew Personal Best
400m Final56.53s2ndNew Personal Best
1500mUnder 144min:48.76s18th4min:39s

*A week later, Andrei also competed in Little Athletics National Championships winning one silver (400m) and two bronze medals (800m and as a member of the SA 1000m Medley Relay Team). If that wasn’t enough, he set a new Personal Best in the 800m final.

Mr. Tony Checker
Athletics Head Coach and Carnivals Coordinator

Dr Hamish McTernan
Athletics Coordinator