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After great anticipation, the boys in the Junior Primary have ventured into the new adventure playground for the first time. Many months of collaboration have resulted in the construction of a stunning new outdoor learning and play environment for boys in Reception to Year 2.

Drawing on the principles of nature play, the playground redevelopment includes a range of natural materials, carefully sculptured to create a multifaceted play environment. Whilst there are opportunities for developing physical skills and coordination through active movement, there are also corners for mindfulness and quiet play. Boys can choose to climb on the spider web, balance on the log climb, jump on mini trampolines, scramble through the tunnel, up the rock wall and over the net or rope bridge, or slide down the slippery dip. They can also collect and use loose parts, construct cubby houses or have adventures with endless possibilities. The remodelling of the sand pit and water course will also provide increased opportunities for collaboration, creativity and problem solving.

The new play space will give the boys an opportunity to play and explore in a safe environment.

“I can’t wait to look at clouds from the timber cubby” Teddy Minney

“We can go camping, have campfires and toast marshmallows!” Easton Papps-Burford

“This is a quiet place where we can share stories” William Mackay

“It’s a pirate ship wreck, I’m going to investigate!” Nathan Koh

“Everything in our playground is made of timber, I give it 100 out of 10!” Feng Feng Li

Special thanks to the Junior School Friends of Saints for their support, and to Amanda Balmer from Wax Designs, Alex Cavanagh from Watermayne Projects and Summit Landscape, who shared and helped realise our vision for a contemporary, exciting and engaging play environment.

Sheryle Yorston, Head of Early Years