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The start of any year is pretty energising but this year has been especially so for me. Firstly, we have an influx of new staff and students and it’s always interesting to think about what kind of positive impact they are going to have during their time at Saints. At the beginning of the Saints journey the possibilities are hopefully endless and there is a palpable optimism. There’s also a genuine joy in being surrounded by people who generally all want the same thing; to grow and nurture each other into the best people they can be. It’s one of the many reasons I love being in education; the shared purpose that exists and the quintessentially human endeavour that lies at its core.

New programs are also being rolled out and discussed. This year we are looking at implementing a new Professional Growth Model for staff that recognises and respects both the autonomy of each individual as well as the importance of collaboration as a means of unlocking the best within each staff member and student. The students will be aware of changes to the co-curricular sports program, new offerings in the music curriculum, and more opportunities to support and celebrate the diversity at the School.

I have worked in and visited some of the most prestigious and beautiful schools in the world and St Peter’s College holds her own in this regard. To walk in on the first day after a break away from the place I hope that all of us have experienced a sharp intake of breath as we recognise again the physical beauty of the environment in which we are allowed to work, pray, teach, learn, think and play. This is a stunningly beautiful place. But make no mistake, the beauty of the place is no accident. The ground staff here are dedicated and hard-working and work absolute magic to manicure the fields to the pristine condition they are in. Changes have also been made to some buildings in need of some love and attention. Stage 2 of the Hill Wing refurbishment is well underway, and by the start of Term 2 our musicians will have a rehearsal space large enough for the whole orchestra. The Gordon Building has also had a makeover and the paint and carpet, as well as an upgrade of the air conditioning unit, have given a burst of life to this building. I offer a big shout out to our property and grounds staff for their amazing capacity to project manage multiple developments whilst keeping the grounds in the immaculate state that they are! We are blessed to be surrounded by the people, programs, and places that are St Peter’s College. Have a great year everyone and enjoy this very special place!

Pro Deo et Patria.

Mr Ben Hanisch
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School