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On Friday 16 March all Year 7 students participated in our annual Year 12 IB Science Day. For a whole day Year 12 IB Science students taught Year 7s pre-planned lessons that involved theory topics, practical activities and assessment tasks. This day is an integral element of the Year 12s’ assessment. My thanks and congratulations go to all who were involved. The Year 12 boys did an exceptionally good job engaging the Year 7s and demonstrated impressive subject knowledge and preparation. The Year 7s worked hard and embraced the activities they were presented with. Mr Karl Grice, Mr Hiwa Jaldiani and their team of staff did an excellent job facilitating the day. We very much look forward to the continuation of the program into the future.

As we move into the second half of Term 1, all Year 7 and 8 boys will now have assessment data entered into Learning Curve. Learning Curve is our online assessment and reporting tool that enables boys and parents to access live information pertaining to learning outcomes. In every subject, boys undertake a range of significant assessment tasks (SATs) each term. The Learning Curve is designed to provide feedback of student achievement, against national standards and criteria, for each of these SATs. I encourage all parents to access the Learning Curve regularly, speak with your son about the feedback provided, and direct any questions you may have to your son’s Mentor.

A reminder to parents of Middle Years boys that all communication with boys throughout the School day should be made via the Senior School Office. These staff are best placed to quickly locate and contact all Middle Years boys when necessary. Often Year 7 and 8 boys will not be found in their Mentor Classes, so directing inquiries about boys, or dropping items off for boys, is always best done through the Senior School Office. In this way parents are saved the trouble of locating their son, and the learning program is able to continue without interruption. The cooperation of parents in this regard is greatly appreciated.

James Tamblyn, Head of Middle Years