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As our Year 11 students undertake their Mid-Year tests, and the Year 10 students are with their House groups on camp, I wanted to alert families to a couple of opportunities in the Senior Years, most notably at Year 9 and 12. For Year 12’s the School is offering tutoring from 6pm to 8pm in the Library on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in term time as well as in the third week of the upcoming School holidays (in preparation for Year 12 Trial exams). The School has hired a number of recent old scholars to help our Year 12 students with their studies. The number of boys taking up the opportunity has started slowly, so I would encourage parents to discuss this option with their sons. The old scholars are some of our most successful recent graduates, and their intimate knowledge of the School is an undoubted advantage when they work  with our Year 12s. I would encourage students to come along, work in study groups, and take up this opportunity. There is no charge for this service, and I look forward more boys taking up this opportunity in Term 3.

For Year 9 students in Term 3, the School Prefects will be delivering workshops on Wednesday mornings to look at several aspects of leadership. We will look at different leadership styles, how to motivate people, how to show courage, how to be a servant leader, dealing with setbacks, communicating and collaborating. There is an opportunity for around 20 Year 9 students to take part in these sessions in Term 3. Students need to commit to each of the eight workshops, and priority will be given to those Year 9 students who took the time to write to me outlining their letter about their hopes for the future, as well as students who have best displayed the School’s values of truth, respect and service. Students need to be clear that this program is in no way a prerequisite for leadership positions within the School. It is simply an opportunity for our Year 9 students to learn more about being a leader from our student leaders themselves. Students interested in attending this program, need to email myself at by 3.30pm Wednesday 24 June, with a brief paragraph outlining why you would like to learn more about leadership.

David Scott
Head of Senior Years