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In the final week of Term 3, students had the opportunity to go on a tour of Old School House hosted by the Historical Society.

Boys were taken through some of the oldest areas in the entire school and were able to see where the borders long before their time lived, as well as the long unused personal chapel of the Headmaster, complete with old bibles and even older floorboards. Nearby, there was the old clock mechanism, once used to signify the beginning and ending of lessons. There was also an opportunity to pass through an area most never even see; the staff common room, once planned to be a dining hall, yet long ago used as a chapel and a classroom.

The old areas that lay above the Headmaster’s Office may be dusty, cobweb-ridden and quite spooky, but there is a plethora of history to be uncovered and rich collection of stories to be told. 

Alexander Piscioneri
Year 11 student