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This year, 35 students across the Junior School participated in the 2021 Oliphant Science Awards. This annual competition is an excellent opportunity for boys to further develop an interest in Science through a range of categories. Learning Science encourages us to develop a range of inquiry skills such as observation, prediction and communication, as well as expand our knowledge within and across the diverse areas of Science.

Across Reception to Year 6, projects were submitted for several categories including Programming, Apps & Robotics, Models & Inventions, Games, Multimedia, Crystal Investigation, Posters, Photography, Science Writing and Scientific Inquiry.

We are thrilled to announce that out of the 3,096 students from 106 schools across South Australia who entered the competition, three students from St Peter’s College won an award for their projects, and one pair received a Highly Commended.

Congratulations to the following award winners who were presented with their certificates and prize at the 2021 Oliphant Science Awards Presentation Night on Friday 17 September.

Eric Wang (2I) 1st place for his project in the Programming, Apps and Robotics Reception-Year 2 category. Eric’s project was titled ‘Lego Mindstorm – Ball Picker.’

Liam Rathnaweerage (2L) 2nd place for his project in the Models and Inventions Reception-Year 2 category. Liam created a model titled ‘Satellite Technology.’

Daniel Song (6E) 1st place for his project in the Programming, Apps and Robotics category Years 5-6. Daniel’s project was titled ‘Mind Inventor.’

Well done to Beau Leon and Vincent Farnsworth (3R) who received a Highly Commended for their project in the Programming, Apps and Robotics Years 3 to 4 category titled ‘Splendiferous Space Maze.’

Congratulations to all 35 students who participated in the Oliphant Science Awards this year. Your motivation, enthusiasm and passion for Science was evident through your incredible projects.

We look forward to seeing many more entries in 2022!

Lisa Zollo and Jamie Schubert
Junior School Teachers