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Hello everyone!

My name is Tyler Gao, I’m in Year 5 and I have a growing passion for all things STEM, in particular Science and Mathematics.

This year, I entered The Oliphant Science Awards Multimedia category, to create something I am passionate about in a hope to educate and inform others. I have created a website about reusing wasted items, such as chewing gum. It’s a blog-like website, with podcasts I have created, forums and other things. I also put a few fun facts and interactive websites on it as well.

The aim for the website was to help the developed world re-use some of the things that they use every day. The developed world is the main contributor of waste. Waste that can be re-used in a different way.

Features of the website:

  • Podcasts which will be updated regularly
  • Fun facts
  • Interactive Webcams
  • An active blog
  • Community forums

I would love for you to explore the website further. The link can be found here:

Enjoy your reusing journey!

Tyler Gao (Year 5)