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This semester, 7GEB and 7BAW participated in Operation Christmas Child as one of our service initiatives for the year. Operation Christmas Child is organised by Samaritan’s Purse and gift boxes are distributed to underprivileged children in over 100 countries in time for Christmas.

The boys worked in pairs and groups to bring empty shoeboxes from home, brainstorm and buy gifts according to their allocated child’s age and gender, write a letter and then pack and wrap/decorate the box. The boys did a great job working together to ensure contributions were equal in cost for them, and both practical and fun for their child. In addition, they also took great joy in writing a letter to the recipient of the shoe box they prepared and some boys went above and beyond as to share a little bit about Australia, including presenting pictures of Australian native animals (koalas, kangaroos and emus).

In one of the mentor sessions where students were finalising their shoe box, Mr Davey, Year 7 Coordinator asked the students to think about what sort of item they had in mind that would be an equivalent Christmas present that their parents would give them when they compare it with items they put in the shoe box. The class unanimously mentioned some valuable items such as PlayStation 5, computer/laptops and bicycles. To this response, both Mr Davey and I agreed that the students have done a great job to provide the best presents they could think of for the children receiving the shoe box. I happened to check a shoe box that was intended for a girl in the 10 to 14 age category. When I were to think as a 10-14 year old girl, I would feel really blessed to receive such presents – two hair brushes, a soft teddy, cool wallet and cap along with neat school supplies.

We are looking forward to hearing about where the gifts end up! We’d also like to thank Ashlea Wellington and Antonia Mackay for your support in our completion of this project.

Georgia Brass and Brian Wong
Year 7 Mentors