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In Week 9, our Year 5 students showcased an oratory event with two finalists from each Year 5 class reciting a chosen poem. The 10 finalists performed beautifully in front of a panel of three judges who deliberated and decided on an overall winner.

Some benefits of this competition are:

  • Developed memorisation skills
  • Outstanding elocution
  • Confidence in performance
  • Confidence performing in front of larger audiences and a panel

Thank you to the following boys for your outstanding participation: Ziggy McKenna, Nicholas Cleanthous , Steven Passaris, Maximilian Martin-Begg , Jack Lai, Eric Shah, Nazir Rana, Joey Burchnall, and Ollie Burchnall.

And congratulations to our overall winner Harry Passaris from 5L who recited Under the Mountain Dark and Tall by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Sky Browse
Year 5 Teacher