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As part of the School’s commitment to our core value of service we place a strong emphasis on Service Learning right from the Early Years through to the Senior Years.  

We aim to provide our students with authentic, relational and meaningful Service Learning activities and programs that promote student growth and benefit the wider community. 

Led by Prep Teacher Mrs Stephanie Cabot, our Prep boys have started visiting the residents at Vailima Gardens Retirement Community on Hackney Road once a week.  

Friendships are growing between the younger boys and the residents over scones and tea, paper plane competitions and books.  

 “I like the scones and also it was nice there because we gave the older people scones, we read books and the second time we made paper airplanes.” Henry, Prep

“I played paper planes with Audrey and I read some books with Cathy. It made me happy.” Abbott, Prep

Our Year 12 students are also enjoying visiting Vailima with the Prep boys as per the below statements: 

“I found the short trip to Vailima a really good way to get away from day-to-day routine and enjoyed the company of two completely different generations. Even though the students and the residents are from completely different times, you could see the same human wants for kindness and attention. I really appreciated the opportunity to join in.”  Ryan, Year 12 

“It was an awesome experience overall, from the excitement of the boys ready to visit the retirement home to the residents who were happy and excited to see the boys – some even waiting outside to wave them in. It was incredible to see how the boys got along so well with the residents despite the major age gap. The Prep boys were very caring offering scones and tea to the residents and learning to be more polite young boys with some even drinking tea!” Murphy, Year 12 


Thank you to Mrs Stephanie Cabot for initiating these visits which will hopefully lead to a strong partnership in the future. 

 Ashleigh Day
Service Learning Coordinator