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This week, the senior school Biology laboratories were delighted with the sounds of laughter and curiosity as we were joined by Ms Western’s Prep class. The prep boys were “Going on a Snake Hunt!” and journeyed from Palm House across campus to Ms Hogben’s Biology classroom where they encountered some interesting creatures.

The prep boys learnt directly from one of our best biologists about some of the living specimens here at Saints such as our Marbled Children’s Python (Antaresia childreni) and Giant Prickly Stick Insects (Extatosoma tiaratum). The prep boys showed extreme bravery as they held these biological specimens, learning about how identify and classify male and females, their diets, and some of their ecological behaviours.

The prep boy’s curiosity was sparked with some excellent questioning such as “Why are females bigger than the males?”, “Do snakes have bones?”, and “Why do the male insects have wings?”. It was a fantastic opportunity for cross-campus collaboration with some of our smallest members of the College community, learning through exploration, with this hands-on learning developing their thinking and questioning skills.

On behalf of the Science Faculty, would like to thank Ms Raquel Hogben and Ms Evie Western for their passion, dedication, and time for making this educational adventure possible.

Hiwa Jaldiani
Acting Head of Faculty – Science