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Louka Parry
Director of Programs, Education Changemakers

Topic: The Future or Learning

Event details:
Date: Wednesday 1 August 2018
Venue: Memorial Hall, St Peter’s College
Time: 7pm (Please be seated by 6.50 pm)
Entry is by gold coin donation

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About Louka:
Louka is an educator, speaker and entrepreneur and is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging education thinkers and doers. He represents the new generation of education leaders as an individual who has traveled to every continent on the globe, learned five languages fluently (including the Indigenous Australian languages Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara), graduated with two Masters degrees in applied linguistics and education, and has studied at Harvard University.

As a school teacher, he was promoted to Principal at only 27 years old and in 2012 he was named South Australian Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year for his work in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. He sees education as the key lever for change and works to positively impact on children and young people, having acquired expert knowledge in leadership, communication, wellbeing and organisational culture.

Louka is currently the Director of Programs at Education Changemakers where he works globally (in English, Spanish and Pitjantjatjara) to drive innovation and change in schools and organisations. He has worked with diverse audiences including the AFL, Australian Federal Treasury, Social Ventures Australia, PWC, Microsoft, Apple, Inicia Educacíon and TED. In this age of rapid change, he believes we need to transform structures, systems and societies that empower individuals to find and build their purpose, ultimately making our world a better place for all.

Lecture topic: The Future of Learning
Our world has never experienced such a rapid pace of change. Exponential technologies are fundamentally shifting the ways we live, work and learn. Predictions from the likes of Oxford and PWC show that between 47% and 81% of jobs will disappear within the next 15 years. This has profound implications for the decisions we make in business, government and education.

As we transition from the industrialised economy into the creative age, every industry (including schooling) will be subject to the same disruption. What matters now is how we respond as our roles as employees, entrepreneurs, educators and leaders evolve. Indeed it’s never been more critical to create workplaces and schools that are positive and abundant where people can bring their unique creativity, collaborate to solve problems and flourish in all areas of their development.

In this lecture, Louka will cover a range of emerging ideas from education, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation that has ramifications for us all. In a fast changing world, the greatest danger for us all is not being bold enough, thinking big enough or adapting fast enough. If we innovate education and link it with life-long and life-wide learning through business and work, we just might be able to create a better world for all.