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On Friday 18 June, the Reception students were involved in their first Pyjama Day. This event was a culmination of the learning that has taken place this term which includes:

  • Literacy – A book study on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Looking at WOW words.
  • Maths, gross motor and cooking – Positional language when finding clues and completing obstacles to find bears hiding around the school. Measuring ingredients for salt dough biscuits.
  • Science – weather and what types of clothes we need to wear on cold, rainy days.

The boys started the day with a visit and story in Mr Browning’s Study. They then returned to the Junior School and made bear masks. After recess, they put their measuring skills into action and made salt dough biscuits. We were then ready to go on our bear hunt around the School and found eight bears hiding. The boys had to go down, up, around, through, over, under and in things to get to the bears. To finish off the day the boys had popcorn and watched ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ together in Higgins Hall.

The boys were very excited about their first Pyjama Day, and it was a perfect way to celebrate their learning in a meaningful and memorable way.

Lisa Barnes-Daysh
Reception Coordinator