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The Geneva Bible was completed in 1560, 51 years before the King James Bible, and was created during a time of persecution and reformation. This eBook provides a brief history of the Geneva Bible and how two copies were donated to the library at St Peter’s College.

In an aim to promote the Rare & Early Imprints Collection at St Peter’s College, the Miller Library has begun creating a series of eBooks that will focus on historically significant books within the collection. The first in this series looks at the Geneva Bible. Completed in 1560 during a time of reformation and persecution, the Geneva Bible was created under the spiritual and theological leadership of John Calvin. The School is fortunate enough to have two copies of the Geneva Bible, a 1606 and 1607 edition. The 1607 edition was donated in 1955 by Rev. A. J. Kendall-Baker (old scholar 1914) who later became the Archdeacon of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The 1606 edition was donated in 1875 by Thomas W. Powell. While there is no clear link between Thomas Powell and St Peter’s College, we surmise that he may have been friends with the Gleeson family who were involved in the early days of the School.

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The Geneva Bibles – Miller Library Rare & Early Imprints Collection