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Earlier this term we kicked off the annual SPSC Reading Challenge, a House competition with the aim of encouraging students to further develop their reading habits and contribute the pages read to their House total. We’re only four weeks into the challenge and already the senior school students have read over 30,000 pages. Da Costa House is in the lead with 8,622 pages, followed closely by Farr House (8,445) and Young House (6,073). The SPSC Reading Challenge runs until Week 8 of Term 2, so there is still plenty of time for students to contribute pages and get their House in the lead.

February was Library Lovers’ Month and was an opportunity to celebrate what we love about our libraries. Many boys signed up for Blind Book Dating where library staff carefully matched students with their dream book and introduced students to new genres and books they may not have chosen for themselves. It was wonderful to hear the many reasons why our students love the Miller Library:

“The friendly but calm atmosphere, where you can socialise with friends, catch up with work, enjoy some board games, or indulge yourself in a book.” Year 11 Student

“Miller Library is a great place to relax with my friends and play games such as chess with them.” Year 7 Student

“The fact that I can go there all the time, and it is a relaxing space where I can get things done, talk with others, and get to know the Library staff.” Year 8 Student

It’s been a great start to the year for the Miller Library and we encourage all boys to visit the library to find their next favourite book or get the help they need on their next assignment.

Happy Reading!

Ms Katherine Hicks
Head of Library & Archive Services