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The Year 12 SACE Economics students have been working on the real-world application of the economic problem – unlimited wants and limited resources. Faced with the dilemma of being a doctor in a small country, students have to decide which patients they will save and treat given their limited budget and resources. It proved to be a challenging test of problem solving and cost-benefits analysis.

Two classes and Year 11 IB economics students were fortunate to have as a visiting guest speaker Dr Rachel Milte, a research health economist from University of South Australia. We were exposed to the world of economic health research, decision making and the challenges of an aging population. Dr Milte’s lecture was an invaluable insight into potential career paths, solving the economic problem and how economics pervades all areas of life.

Special thanks to Mr Borgas for organising this lecture and to Dr Milte for giving up her time to speak to our boys and answer their questions.

Jon Inge, Head of Farr House