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The Reception to Year 2 French classes have started well. In the first three weeks, the Year 2 classes celebrated la Chandeleur and all students sampled some delicious French cheeses and smelt various perfumes. Emilie from Fontainebleau France came to help with lessons, and we were visited by a Chinese Lion on Chinese New year.

The theme for 2019 is A holiday in France. Throughout the year we will explore Paris in depth and also learn about other French cities and towns through their cultural festivals. Some of the questions the boys will ponder will be; what might we see if going on holiday, what language might we need, what will the weather be like, how will we get around and how will we be able to order food? Associated French language vocabulary will then become the language topics for the year. Some of the other topics that we will cover this term will be learning how to talk about the weather, numbers 1- 20 and asking for directions.

We will begin our tour of Paris by finding out about four incredible sights; the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and the Louvre. We have already discovered many interesting things about La Tour Eiffel.

I would like to encourage all boys to participate in our French Show and Tell. We have time each lesson for boys to share something French with their class. Please help your son/s to find different French items, such as souvenirs, photos, food items, perfume bottles, books etc.

Madame Marcia McLachlan