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During Terms 3 and 4, 36 Year 4 and 5 boys have been learning to code robots to engage each other in a sumo competition. They customised their robots and code with the aim of staying in the ring for three minutes and trying to push their opponent out or tip them over within that time. The robots use light sensors that the boys code so that the robot knows when it goes outside the boundary and will quickly reverse back in and they also use ultrasonic sensors that the boys code to help the robot sense a nearby object (their opponent).

Towards the end of Term 3 and start of Term 4 we held an in-house round robin competition where the 9 robots (18 boys) with the most wins represented Saints at an interschool competition at Para Hills Library.

Our 9 teams competing included:

Louis von Doussa
Emerson Cooper
Alfie Barker
Hugo Hill
Benjamin Howell
Atticus Clayton
Yifei ren
Sze-Yong Koh-Buckland
Oliver Coleman
Fabian Johnson
Daniel Onilov
Seth Irwin
Will Foreman
Kelton Hayward
Neel Rawat
Thomas Worrall
Vipul Pabbathi

The boys had a marvellous day competing against other schools. Congratulations to Yifei Ren (Year 4) and Sze-Yong Koh – Buckland (Year 4) who made it to the quarter finals but unfortunately were then knocked out.

Colin Becker
Teacher, Junior School