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Over the previous two weeks we have held three in-house competitions to select our teams for the State Robocup Competition, under the assumption that it will proceed. The first competition was the Year 5 and 6 Rescue. There were three courses that all teams had to navigate their robots through. The first course, which was the easiest, was worth 100 points and tested their robots on navigating tight corners, going through a small arch and then rescuing the capsule. The second course, worth 125 points, included speed humps, ramps and avoiding a water tower. The final course, the most difficult of the three which was worth 195 points. This final course really challenged the boys’ coding skills requiring their robots to detect small green squares indicating a direction to turn at an intersection. This course also tested the engineering of the robots as they transitioned from a turn onto a steep slope without losing track of the line.

It was an intense competition and students should be proud of their efforts.

Congratulations to the following Year 6s have been selected for the state competition:

  • Louis von Doussa and Nicholas Robertson
  • Alden Au and Vipul Pabbathi
  • John McAuliffe and Glen Li
  • Harry Zhang and Sunny Zhang
  • Will Foreman and Kelton Hayward
  • Emerson Cooper and Alexander Chan
  • Lutanda McLeod and Hunter Di Blasio
  • Quinn Murphy and David Penkoff
  • George Snelgrove and Billy Humble

The second competition was the Year 4-5 Sumo. There were 12 teams and each team had eleven matches with a total of 66 matches complete. A few of the robots misbehaved (coding errors) and threw themselves out of the ring, but there were a number of exciting matches.

Congratulations to the following teams have been selected for the state competition:

  • Caleb Scott (Year 5) and Krishn Sharma Arora (Year 5)
  • Jimmy Huang (Year 4) and Eric Yang (Year 4)
  • Elliot Lam (Year 4) and Daniel Kwan (Year 4)
  • Archer Papps-Burford (Year 5) and Daniel Song (Year 5)
  • Yifei Ren (Year 5) and Adi Baghel (Year 5)
  • Tao Wong (Year 4) and Charlie Paull (Year 4)

The final competition was the Year 7-8 Rescue. Of the 12 teams that started, 10 participated in the competition. They attempted the same courses as the Year 5-6 rescue teams with the following teams selected for the state competition:

  • Zimu Fan (Year 7) and Sze-Siong Koh-Buckland (Year 7)
  • Evan Nguyen (Year 7) and Lochie Siow (Year 7), Ishaan Chaudhuri (Year 7)
  • Ahaan Kothari (Year 7) and James Rajapaksa (Year 7)
  • Edward Gros (Year 7) and Aidan Du (Year 7)
  • Charlie Tonkin (Year 7) and Angus Tolley (Year 7)
  • Edward Forbes (Year 8) and Ruckshan Jayachakaran (Year 8)

Out of a maximum of 420 points, accolades to the following teams who scored very highly:

  • 415 points – Zimu Fan (Year 7) and Sze-Siong (Year 7)
  • 405 points – Evan Nguyen (Year 7) and Lochie Siow (Year 7)
  • 400 points – Ishaan Chaudhuri (Year 7), Ahaan Kothari (Year 7)

The state competition will be held on Friday 23 October at St Peter’s College.

Colin Becker
Robotics Coordinator