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On Friday 4 November, Year 7 students competed in the 5th edition of the annual rocket-car launch. The event is the culmination of the Year 7 Physics unit learning about forces. Science lessons were used to explore the theory of forces, including the effects of different factors such as air resistance and friction. Technology lessons provided students time to design their cars with precision using programs such as Fusion 360 and AutoCAD. The goal was to have the fastest car on the day!

The event was a great success. Whilst the all-time record of 160km/h wasn’t reached this year, the winners were the group of Daniel Spyrou, James Whiteman and Wei Chuan Khoo. Their car reached an impressive maximum velocity of 138.5km/h.

A big thank you to all students for their effort and enthusiasm with the project, and to our dedicated lab technicians for organising the event.

Mr Nicholas Crawley
Coordinator – Middle Years Science