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In a heart-warming display of compassion and community service, a group of Hawkes students dedicated their time to prepare dinner for sick children and their families at the Ronald McDonald House in North Adelaide. The boys went above and beyond, crafting a meal that left everyone’s taste buds delighted. 

From sizzling BBQ chicken and sausages cooked by Oliver Hamilton and Carlos Liu to a hearty potato bake (Jack Hawkes) and perfectly roasted vegetables (Joshua Toohey, and Mr Jehle), the menu was a true feast for the senses. The culinary magic didn’t stop there; children and families were treated to beloved favourites like chicken nuggets and potato gems (Zach Hoberg), ensuring a smile on every face. 

Anivarn Iyengar and Damon Tatarelli prepared a dessert that was a true indulgence. With a rich chocolate cake complemented by velvety ice cream and a refreshing fruit salad, our taste buds were in for a symphony of flavours and textures. The thoughtful selection of dishes catered to varying tastes and dietary preferences, underlining the careful consideration the students put into their efforts. 

The boys, who willingly gave up their time and energy, exemplified the essence of selflessness. Their willingness to serve those who are less fortunate reflects the core values of empathy, kindness, and community that St Peter’s College instils in its students.  

I extend my gratitude to the boys for their willing contribution of time, creating an unforgettable feast for the children and their families at Ronald McDonald House. 

 Boys involved last night were:  

Jack Hawkes
oshua Toohey
Anivarn Iyengar
Damon Tatarelli
Carlos Liu
Oliver Hamilton
Zach Hoberg 

Staff Involved:

Nahla Baroudi
Alfred Jehle 

Ms Nahla Baroudi
Head of Hawkes House