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Ollie and I were lucky enough to be selected for the South Australian Student Representative Council (SA SRC) after a very rigorous and trying selection process. For Senior School students, the SA SRC is an inclusive action-oriented body of young people. As a group, the SRC’s purpose is to collaborate on the challenges that we initially raised in order to find the best approach for our respective school communities.

At our first meeting at the Adelaide Festival Centre, we met our fellow members discussed the issues surrounding our school communities. The day consisted of many workshops and activities that acquainted us with other members and relevant issues in order to guide our thought processes and ideas. We talked about some of the issues that are affecting young Australians in today’s society and discussed possible solutions that would make a change in our community. We were honoured to meet with South Australia’s Minister for Energy and Mining, Tom Koutsantonis, who gave us a glimpse into his daily life and what the government is working on to modify the transportation system to accommodate fossil fuel emissions and precautions that they are implementing to prevent climate change.

Since the meeting, Ollie and I have started discussing relevant issues and improvements that we believe could be made in our SPSC community. We look forward to presenting a proposal outlining our ideas to Mr Browning to seek his feedback.

Ted Bond
Year 11, Young House