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On Tuesday 31 July, ten of our Year 9 Enrichment students had a tour of Saab Australia at Mawson Lakes, to see the technology they are developing.

Andy Keough, Managing Director, welcomed the students and spoke about the need to engage young minds.

“Jobs in the last few years have been overtaken by technology, robots are taking over people’s jobs and that process will continue, it will gather speed. Continual learning and up skilling will be a constant throughout any career; on completion of schooling, at university and in the workforce.”

“Whatever industry you go into, technology will continue to change, improve and in many cases disrupt the industries you enter. Keeping abreast of technology and understanding where it’s heading will help your future career,” said Andy Keough.

A group of Saab Australia graduate engineers escorted students through the facility, demonstrating Hololens, future combat systems, the civil security lab and submarine control systems, while sharing personal stories of their own study paths.

The key messages for the day were to educate students on who Saab is and what they do. This included the types of roles they employ, what subjects/courses/degrees they would need to study, to be employed by Saab and the entry paths into Saab: Vacation Program, Scholarship or Graduate Program.

The boys learnt a lot from the experience and asked some very interesting questions. It was a valuable learning opportunity for all of us.

Mrs Carmen Bester and Mr Nick Bolton