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St Peter’s College once again entered the South Australian French Teachers’ Association Poetry Recital competition, ‘La Poésie Récitée’.

The Reception/Year 1 poem was called, “Dans l’herbe mouillée” which was about a mouse and a snail in the garden. The Year 2 poem entitled, “Coccinelle”, was about a ladybird and the Year 6/7 poems were entitled “Petit frère” (Little brother) and “Au marché” (At the market). All students worked very hard to memorize these poems and delivered them with wonderful pronunciation, intonation and feeling.

Congratulations to the following boys who reached the finals of the competition. Arav Joshi (Reception), Advik Sinkar (Reception), Nicholas Cleanthous (Year 1) and Stefan Dimovic, (Year 1) were chosen to represent St Peter’s College in the Reception-Year 1 category. Year 2 students, Freddie Sils, Dimitri  Diamantis, Aarit Khotari, Andrew Lucas and Benny Clayton were chosen to represent the school in the Year 2-3 category. Thomas McDonald and Ryan Fowler both from Year 7 recited their poem individually and Daniel Spiby and Murphy Eaton also in Year 7, presented as a group.

I am very pleased to announce that Stefan Dimovic (Year 1) placed second in the R/1 category, Aarit Khotari (Year 2) came equal first in the 2/3 category and Thomas McDonald (Year 7) placed equal first in the 6/7 individual category.

Both Aarit and Thomas have been be invited to recite their poems at the SAFTA/Alliance Française Prize Giving evening next term where they will also receive a certificate and prize. Well done to all the St Peter’s College students who entered this state-wide competition.

Reception T were also very lucky to have a visit from some of the Year 7 French students in Week 7 of this term. Several Year 7 boys presented their French monument projects which were designed to show their understanding of French identity. The Receptions were very impressed with their ideas and exceptional IT skills. Thank you to Madame Anna Rek, Madame Arasmia Hanna and Madame Irene Castrechini-Sutton for organising the visit.

Madame Marcia McLachlan