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It was a great start to the year for the Chinese Society – in Term 1 we ran the Chinese Food Market to celebrate Chinese New Year, as well as the Chinese quiz competition and we also introduced Chinese chess. Will Fitzgerald, one of the committee members, created 25 quiz questions on Kahoot. The questions were based on China and split into two main categories of history and entertainment. Many students came along and engaged in the quiz with the winning team receiving a pack of white rabbits as a prize.

After the quiz, the Chinese Society introduced Chinese chess to its members. Even though Chinese chess is similar to international chess, it is written in Chinese characters and the rules are more complicated. Bingqi An, one of the committee members, acted as the coach to help all participants understand the rules. Practice takes place every Thursday and players are increasing their understanding of the game, while enjoying the challenges that Chinese chess brings.

In Term Two, the Chinese Society will organise more Chinese cultural activities to provide a range of opportunities for our members to explore China and its culture.

Any students who wish to join can fill out the registration form and email to secretary, Difan Deng via

Will Fitzgerald, Year 8 FLL and Ms Fangfang Qiu, Coordinator of Chinese.