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Congratulations to the Saints White Team who will represent Australia at the International Mind Lab Olympics in Antalya, Turkey in June. The team came first and third in the recent Mind Lab competition.

The Mind Lab program in the Junior School is a collection of hands-on strategy games that aim to develop cognitive, emotional and social skills through play and is taught both through a classroom curriculum-based component and a co-curricular Mind Lab Olympic component. Boys in Years 4 and 6 have the opportunity to learn through the Mind Lab program as part of their classroom program. In addition, boys in Years 5 and 6 can experience these activities through lunch-time and after-school sessions and eventually compete against each other and earn a place in the School’s representative teams. This team then competes against other South Australian schools and can potentially go on to represent Australia. This year’s competition was held last week at St Andrew’s School.

I am pleased to say that both of teams performed very well. This year, with the growth to the competition, boys endured a gruelling nine rounds of competition and ended the day in first and third place. Congratulations to our White team for this significant achievement.

Congratulations to the following boys on their success in their games:

  • Sze-Sion Koh-Buckland (Abalone)
  • Michael Lazarevich (Checkers)
  • Tim Silcock (Quorridor)
  • David Taylor (Octi)

Congratulations must also go to our Blue team who fought hard to come third by 2.5 points. These boys worked incredibly hard to gain their place in the top eight Saints students and should feel very proud of their achievement in getting into the finals:

  • Emanuel Lee (Abalone)
  • Hamish Porter (Checkers)
  • Haydn Kamenczak (Quorridor)
  • Zimu Fam (Octi)

I look forward to sharing the outcomes of the games upon our return from Turkey.

David Kolpak, Head of Junior Years – Wellbeing and Administration