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At our Academic Muster on Thursday 3 March we welcomed back our 2021 SACE and IB students who achieved an ATAR of 99.0 or above to celebrate their exceptional achievements.

Sachin Ravindran (HWD 2021) and Xian Huang (SHT 2021) were awarded Dux of School and Anthony Pham (WDK 2021) and William Subramaniam (YNG 2021) the Proxime Accessit.

In his Dux’s Address Sachin attributed his success and overall positive experience at school to making choices that were right for him; “I picked subjects that I liked, I picked sports and musical instruments that I liked, and I believe this was the key factor to my positive experience here at Saints.”

Sachin also shared his gratitude for his cohort, the Class of 2021: “We supported each other, and most importantly we formed friendships that are much more meaningful and will certainly last longer, than an ATAR.”

Congratulations to our top achievers and the Class of 2021 as a whole. We are proud of all you have achieved throughout your time at this school.

Click here to watch Sachin’s full address.