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The School has divided the teaching year into two parts to ensure time in each subject area is as equal as possible. The Senior School changed to the Semester 2 timetable in the last two weeks of Term 2 (starting on Monday 18 June). During this time, Year 11 SACE students can make a subject change, but no further changes can be made after Friday 29 June (Week 9, Term 2).

Students in Years 7 to 10 also study a number of subjects for a semester only. These include the Humanities (Geography and History), Technology (Material Products), the Arts (Drama, Music/Music Film and Visual Art), Physical Education, Positive Education, and Religious and Values Education. All students will have received their new timetables via an automatic calendar and Keystone update.

If families have queries or concerns about their son’s subject selection or overall academic progress, please speak to:

  • Subject teachers
  • Mentors
  • Mr Mark Colsey, Careers Counselor
  • Mr Simon Roberts-Thomson, Acting IB Coordinator
  • Ms Trudi Duggin, Acting SACE Coordinator.

Year 11 mid-year tests
Students in Year 11 have just completed their testing period for the end of the semester and will soon receive their results. The tests provide useful feedback to students, teachers and parents on each student’s academic progress, as well as offering examination experience to both SACE and IB Diploma students. I am pleased that for almost all students, the rules of academic honesty were followed. Nevertheless, all students and families are reminded of the importance of students committing to academic honesty at all times. A summary of the School’s expectations in this area can be found on Keystone.

I encourage all boys to speak with their teacher if they have test-specific follow-up questions. For general questions about overall progress in their respective courses, Mr Simon Roberts-Thomson or Ms Trudi Duggin should be contacted.

Year 12 trial exams
Students undertaking SACE Stage 2 subjects and the Year 12 IB Diploma have already received an email from Mrs Amanda Fitridge, Examinations Coordinator, with the schedule of July trial examinations. Year 11 boys who are completing Stage 2 Biology also received this communication as they are expected to complete the trial examination for this subject only. Morning examinations will commence at 9.00am and afternoon examinations will commence at 1.30pm. Students must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to these times and be seated in the exam room by 8.45am and 1.15pm respectively. Students are reminded that full School uniform is to be worn correctly to all examinations. In addition, students are expected to be clean-shaven and follow all other normal School rules. A student may be denied entry to the examination if he does not present himself appropriately.

Students who have been awarded special provisions should have received notification of the allowances they have been granted. If in doubt, please contact Ms Trudi Duggin, Acting SACE Coordinator or Dr Simon Roberts-Thomson, Acting IB Coordinator.

Mobile phones, smart watches or any other type of internet-enable device are not permitted in any exam. The possession of such a device during an exam, irrespective of whether it is used or not, or switched off, is a breach of SACE and IB Diploma exam rules and will result in a zero being awarded. This is an expectation that students also experienced in Year 11 examinations.

We look forward to the smooth running and successful completion of all trial exams.

Sam Cheesman
Acting Director of Learning & Teaching Excellence