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In Term 2, the Chinese Society emphasised delivering the knowledge of Chinese culture to all Senior School students. Weekly Chinese culture online quizzes were introduced on Keystone and the topics covered were Chinese poetry, Chinese food, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Drama and Opera, Chinese Geography and 高考 (Chinese College Entrance Examination).The quizzes were well received by many students. Matthew Liu, Jerry Yang and Benjamin Yang are to be congratulated as the top three entrants.

On Monday of Week 10, the Chinese Society held a Dragon Boat Festival celebration and rewards presentation at lunchtime. It was great to see students from Years 7 to 12 from different cultural backgrounds attend this activity. Students have learned how to use Zong leaves and sticky rice to make Zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), which are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. They also tasted the Zongzi that was homemade by Xian’s mum, and played Kahoot on Chinese culture that was covered in the weekly Chinese Culture quiz.

In class, the cultural information of the Dragon Boat Festival was introduced to students. In one of the Year 8 Chinese classes, students made paper dragon boats and had a dragon boat race by blowing their boats from one side of the table to the other side. The paper dragon boats were coloured and some of them also were decorated with handwritten Chinese characters, such as 端午节 (Dragon Boat Festival).

Special thanks must go to Xian Huang’s mum, Mrs Qu for making and cooking the Zongzi, also to the Co-Captains, Xian Huang and Ryan Mah for organising the activities and producing the weekly quiz and Kahoot quiz.

Peter Zhang
Year 11 Student