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As detailed in the School Calendar, across weeks 3 and 4 House, Mentor and individual photos will be taken by our School photographer JRP Group. Please note the dates of your son’s photos listed below and ensure he attends school in full winter uniform, including blazer and House tie. For guidance on hair and uniform expectations please refer to the Uniform Handbook. Please ensure blazers are fitted with two buttons.

A House, Mentor group and two portrait photos (one indoors and the other outdoors) will be taken following your son’s Mentor photo. Please add the appropriate dates to your calendar:

House, Year 7 Mentor and individual portrait photos (Week 3)

Tuesday 14 May, Recess; Short House
Tuesday 14 May, Lunch; Da Costa House and Farr House
Thursday 16 May, 8.15am; School & Allen House
Thursday 16 May, Recess; Year 7 mentor photos and individual photos
Thursday 16 May, Lunch; MacDermott House and Young House
Friday 17 May, Recess; Woodcock House
Friday 17 May, Lunch; Farrell House

House, Year 8 Mentor and individual portrait photos (Week 4)

Monday 20 May, Recess; Year 8 mentor photos and individual photos:
Monday 20 May, Lunch; Hawkes House and Howard House

All photos will be provided to parents and students via the My Photos platform on Keystone. A reminder that My Photos enables parents to view and download high quality images of their son’s journey at school, including individual portraits, group and co-curricular photos.

My Photos allows parents to:
– Filter photos by year, event, person (for those with multiple sons), portrait images and group photos
– Create an album of favourite images
– Launch a slideshow of photos
– Download high quality images
– Order prints on-line through JRP Group (charges apply)

To order prints on-line simply:

  • Select the photos you wish to print by clicking the icon in the top left-hand corner of each photo.
  • Select ‘Order Prints’ in the top right-hand corner of My Photos. You will be directed to JRP Group’s secure website to complete your order.
  • Select from photo packages and individual print options. Matted prints and framing options are also available.

Through our partnership with JRP Group, prices represent an exclusive saving of 30% for orders placed through My Photos. Please call JRP Group on 1300 360 115 for any queries or assistance with ordering prints. Photos will be delivered directly to you.