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Every year, St Peter’s College, along with numerous elite schools across the nation, actively participates in the Junior and Senior Science Olympiads. Our students consistently achieve a wide range of achievements, including coveted invitations to attend the Australian Science Olympiad Summer School. This exclusive opportunity is extended by invitation only, and annually, twenty-four of the highest-achieving students in each Australian Science Olympiad Examination (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, and Physics) are privileged to embark on a two-week journey of intensive hands-on education at the prestigious Australian National University.

During their time at the Summer School, these exceptional students will be exposed to the world of science in a manner like they have never experienced before. They will be challenged to broaden their horizons through engaging in practical experiments, tackling theoretical examinations, and conducting research out in the field. It is through this program that they will be identified as having the potential to represent Australia on the international stage at the International Science Olympiads.

In 2022, Stewart Anderson (Year 12) excelled in Chemistry, and Alex Koh (Year 11) in Physics. Similarly, in 2023, Casper Cai (Year 11) demonstrated outstanding performance in Chemistry, and Alex Koh continued to excel in Physics. Their exceptional performance has earned them invitations to the prestigious Summer School at the ANU.

On behalf of St Peters College and the Science Faculty, I extend my congratulations to these brilliant minds and wish them every success in their upcoming endeavours.

Hiwa Jaldiani
Head of Science