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On Wednesday 3 November, Years 10 and 11 English as an Additional Language students went on an excursion to the Art Gallery of South Australia. The Year 11 students had been studying a unit on controversial art, whereas the Year 10 students had been learning about art and design. The boys began the excursion with a lunch from the Art Gallery café and enjoyed a range of multicultural dishes from gnocchi, to fish and chips and southern fried chicken burgers. Afterwards the boys enjoyed some time perusing the Art Gallery and photographing key pieces of art that inspired them. Some of the key Year 11 student comments from the day were that it was “good to see some amazing paintings and sculptures” and that “going to the Art Gallery not only enriches our spare time but also these cultural works encourage people to enjoy art and beauty”. I would like to thank Ms Xiaoning Wang for her support and efforts in making this excursion enjoyable for the boys.

Rose Harvey
Coordinator of English as an Additional Language