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This week our Houses were in full competition mode as they battled it out over Summer House Sports Day. It’s the first true opportunity for the student leaders to rally their troops, but more importantly we get to see the best of those who willingly throw their hand up and volunteer to fill a team to help out the House. We will see even more of this in action at Swimming Carnival next week. These events highlight what makes our House system so special. The enormous participation rate is impressive, as is the attitude of so many boys to get out of their own comfort zone and help out the House. Being part of something bigger than yourself is such an instrumental life lesson and helps build the character of our boys.

The final years of School can be a significant trigger for stress. This is why at the start of Year 11 our boys take part in a workshop with our School Psychologists, Dr Mike Oliver and Mrs Kirsty Jackman, to think about what causes their stresses, how to recognise their own symptoms, and then what action plans they can have in place to help them deal with it. The boys also spent some time with Dr Walter Barbieri learning how to use technology to better organise themselves. These skills will undoubtedly help our boys through their final two years at School.

This year we have introduced a new concept – the ‘performance of the week’. Boys nominate each other for notable achievements, and thus far it has been so pleasing to see the breadth and variety of performances our boys recognise in each other. So far we have had the following nominations:

  • Louis G – 147 runs v Camberwell Grammar
  • David Q – Ringing every MY boy in Hawkes before School started
  • Tom O – personal best on 1km rowing machine
  • Tristan T – gave up a week of holidays to volunteer in the Big Week Out
  • Jacob L – 25th in world 420 sailing championships
  • Harry C – won both singles and doubles 6-0
  • Meshach B – PB in the 100m
  • Shiva M – selected for State Schools Debating Team
  • Arthur D – PB on rowing machine
  • Arham H – helping a distressed younger student to contact his parents

David Scott, Head of Senior Years