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Students recently had the opportunity to volunteer at the Mary Mags Dinners alongside members of the Mission Guild; this volunteer opportunity for our students is partnering with the meal service in Moore St, Adelaide CBD. Students who participate are involved in the preparation of the menu in our Junior School function space on Friday evening, to then serve the meals the next day on Saturday evening in the city, as a sit down, table service meal.

Mary Mags Dinners have been running for over 30 years, having grown from sandwiches in Hurtle Square, to its now current form, of a seated three course meal for those who are in need of a meal, a sense of community and belonging. Recipients of the meal is on a ‘no questions asked’ basis, with a mix of regulars and those who are in need as a once off or short season. Many student volunteers are unsure what to expect when signing up for this opportunity, with some saying that they were preparing for a potentially aggressive or rough environment. Oliver Maung (Year 10) commented “I didn’t know what to expect before the event, but over the duration of the night I realised that it was completely different to what I thought, as people were grateful for the meal and the service. People didn’t look to be living completely rough but just in need of a good meal. This made me appreciate how lucky I am to have a nice house and regular meals.”

On this occasion the menu consisted of minestrone soup, hearty beef casserole with roast vegetables and ganache iced chocolate cake. Many of the guests, approximately 100, commented on the quality and flavour of the meal. Generous donations included 15kgs of quality beef, with the remaining sold at cost price from John at Bos Taurus Butchery, and a generous $150 voucher from Foodland. Both must be acknowledged and thanked in supporting this event and their contributions.

A special thank you is in order for the Mission Guild, who support this opportunity with both their financial contribution to donate all the ingredients and supplies, and also have members and parents volunteer their time both Friday and Saturday to supervise and teach the boys some invaluable kitchen skills. In particular I thank Nicola and Wayne Hughes for their continued support and I’d also like to thank Mel Follett from the Health Centre and James Hattingh (School Captain) for their time on Saturday supporting the boys.

Students are encouraged to keep an eye out for the two remaining nights that SPSC and Mission Guild have signed up for Mary Mags Dinners and explore the volunteer opportunities in their community.

Thank you to the boys involved across the weekend.

Friday Night – Franco Quaini, Seth Irwin, Oliver Maung, Alexander Chan, Jonathan Balasis, Colin Chau, William Roger, Sharaav Reddy and Lachlan Kamencak.

Saturday Night –  Oliver Maung, Seth Irwin, Franco Quaini,  Alexander Chan, Lachlan Kamencak, Samuel Phipps and James Hattingh.

Ed Ruediger
Service Learning Coordinator