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Finally, we got to meet our 2021 pen pals from Seymour College. As part of our wellbeing, we have been focusing on establishing and maintaining positive relationships through the URSTRONG program. Some of the skills we have practised have included making conversations and nurturing friendships.

Earlier this year we received letters from our buddies at Seymour College. This was extremely exciting receiving and reading our own personal letters. We then wrote wonderful response letters back to our friends.

The countdown was then on until we could meet each other in person. Our theme for the day was “Friendships are like flowers, they bring colour and beauty into your days”. We set up the Function Space with hand-picked flowers from our gardens. It looked divine! The girls arrived and the fun began.

All the teachers were so impressed by how well we all interacted and looked after each other. A highlight was the photo booth where hundreds of photos were taken to record and treasure the memories. We made friendship chains in the colours of our ‘friend’o’meter’, played conversation games and decorated happy, smiley biscuits. It was extremely fun and we were busy and joyful every minute that the girls were there.

Morning tea was delicious flower cupcakes made by our very own Mrs Dansie. The bouquet of cupcakes was a delight to see and even more delightful to eat! Mr Browning and Mrs Browning came to celebrate our friendship connections and we were so pleased they could spend time with us all.

We are hoping to continue to grow our friendships and connections in the years to come. Thank you to all our wonderful parents and staff for supporting this day and helping us.

Emily Rogers
Year 3 Coordinator