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On Friday 3 March, the Chinese Society hosted the Shangsi Festival Social with St Peter’s Girls School. Over 60 students in total attended from both schools. This allowed students from different backgrounds and ages to meet and establish great friendships.

The Shangsi Festival also known as Double Third Festival is a Chinese Festival which is celebrated on the third day of the third month every year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

At the beginning of the event, the boys and girls wrote their names and year level on nametags which enabled them to know each other more easily. The night was filled with games and performances which made it an enjoyable and fun evening.

The Mobile Bomb game was a true icebreaker, the “punishment” from different table groups varied from push ups to playing the piano.

After enjoying a beautiful Chinese song Jiang Nan (江南 ) that was sung by Jerry (Year 12) and William (Year 10), dinner was served.

After dinner, the boys and girls got to play a Kahoot called “Guess the Music” in their table groups, where they had to guess what the name of the song was by the music of both Chinese and English songs. After the Kahoot, the third activity was Board Games which consisted of UNO, Goose Chess, Five in a Row, Werewolves and Ludo, which was separated into stations where Chinese Society committee members oversaw each specific board games.

The students were given a small tally sheet to keep account their wins and loses of each game. Points were tallied where if the student won they received three points to their tables total, where a loss only saw them receiving one point.

Happy time always flied quickly, by calculating both Kahoot and Board Games points, the winning group of all the activities was Group 6, they received special edition of “White Rabbit” lolly collection as the prize.

Overall, the event was extremely successful, and all students had a great opportunity to bond and form great friendships.

We sincerely would like to thank Mr Eaton for giving wonderful welcome speech and the teachers, Ms Qiu, Ms Wang and Ms Li of St Peter’s Girl’s School for making this event possible. Thanks also to Mr Jason Hall for setting up the venue. Last but not least, huge thanks to all the Chinese Society committee members, Tony Wang, Mars Zhang, Jack Jiang, Austin Liu, Jackson Ling, Ravinu Appuhamy, Henry Zhao and Term 1 Captain, Ethan Shi for their hard work to make this event to be a success.

Ravinu (Year 11 WDK)
Secretary of Chinese Society